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I love reading, but I’ve always found it difficult to get stuck into the classics. On considering the books I’d read recently, I was pretty disappointed with the amount of ‘must-read’ books that I’d actually got through. I studied English until A-Level and then read Classics at University, which involved so much reading for work, that I stopped turning it to it for pleasure. At least, I didn’t fancy tackling one of the tomes of literature as a wind down, so tended to go for more modern and light-hearted easy reads.

Now that I’ve left university behind, I’ve set myself the challenge of reading all the classic works of literature that frequently feature on Top 100 book lists. You can see the list here. The list is based on various opinion polls, published book lists and my personal interests, and this blog is designed to keep my motivation through some of the more difficult reads, so I can share my thoughts here once I’ve finished!

I’m not the world’s fastest reader, and The List is pretty heavy going, so I’ll also be reading other books along the way that take my interest – from Young Adult, to Historical Fiction, Business Books and Feminist Works.

Take a look around, feel free to suggest things I should add to my reading list!



2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Your blog is awesome. Have you heard of The Classics Club? It’s a whole bunch of bloggers who are all blogging about the classics. They have buddy reads sometimes (see @ourclassicsclub on Twitter) & just generally enthuse about classics together. You just list fifty classics you want to read & blog about in five years, & do exactly what you’re doing here, only with an exponentially bigger group. 🙂 Right now they’re having their classics spin: you list twenty titles numbered 1-20, and on Friday, they draw a number, and you have to read the book that corresponds to that number. The fun part is everyone going to one another’s lists and enthusing and saying “I hope you get # 9!!” and such things. Adds to the fun. 🙂


    1. Jillian, glad you like it! That sounds like a great idea – I’ll check it out! Would love to see what other people in the community think of some of the titles I have coming up. There are definitely some on this list I might need a push with! Thanks for reading 🙂

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